By COACHLYON – THE Pre-Retirement Coach


The California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPers) states that up to 30 percent of pensioners die after just 18 months of retirement. Why? Indicators strongly suggest that

the stress of sudden "unemployment," coupled with the stress of no clear direction for retired life, lead to that 18-month death spiral. While financial advice is readily available for planning retirement, it is difficult to find resources to help with planning what to do with one's life when retired. Fortunately, pre-retirement coaching is now available to help pensioners plan their next career - that of a happy and fulfilled retiree.

When an employee retires, there can be a variety of emotions involved. Positive emotions include happiness at being able to do what you want, go where you want and possibly sleep as late as you want. But retirees can also suffer from the trauma

of job loss. This is considered, psychologically and emotionally, a major loss in our society on a par with the loss of a loved one by death, loss of relationship (divorce, or major break-up), and physical up-rooting (a major move).

Some of the major loss factors retirees face are:

* Loss of professional identity
* Loss of social circle at work
* Disconcerting, even disorienting new physical schedule
* Loss of their outlet for creative and productive energies

  and 'purpose'

If not remedied, all these factors can bring about boredom, apathy, and depression which can then easily lead to steadily declining levels of activity. This can end up looking like a lack of activity and exercise, a lot of daytime TV (negative and depressing), and eating junk food,...  All of which are unhealthy, heading toward premature death. 

Retirement should be a time of enjoying the fruits of your labors, and coaching can help make this happen.

A sports coach helps athletes focus on what they want to do, and how to do it. As an empowerment coach, I work with clients to tap into their passion and purpose, and to come up with a game plan for their retirement that has them leaping out of bed in the morning to get to it!

Issues addressed with coaching include:

- relearning what you love to do, and why

- analyzing specifically how much supplemental income is          needed for a comfortable retirement

- learning how to do what you love in retirement and make

the extra income you need doing it by developing a step by step action plan

- alleviating the anxiety of "What am I going to really

do in retirement?"

- learning to cope with the sudden loss of your usual

schedule and social circle

- making necessary plans to fill the creative, productivity,

and social voids of your new life

- getting a sense of completion with your old job, and

making a plan to move forward into a meaningful and

satisfying retirement.

- learning how to really "celebrate" your retirement

Coaching helps retirees re-learn their sense of purpose, get their new life on track, and look forward to the challenges and triumphs that are their deserved reward in retirement.

Richard A. Lyon, CEC, aka COACHLYON - THE Pre-Retirement Coach, is a “Baby Boomer”, and works mainly with his fellow “Boomers”. As a practicing Life Coach here in Sacramento for over 4 years, besides Pre-retirement planning, he has worked with clients on various challenges including writing and publishing a book, successful internet dating, career changes, and enhancing spiritual awareness.

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